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Vodafone Fiji is working to make 5G a reality

Vodafone Fiji is allegedly working with the government to make the 5G spectrum and other regulatory parts of the commercial launch of the 5G network official.

A recent press release said, “Vodafone has always been ready to take on the next generation of mobile network technology.”

Since we started testing Pre5G in 2017, our team has worked hard to ensure that our beloved customers can use this advanced network without any problems.

“Significant capital investments have been made in the network and infrastructure. We had started to test Pre5G and then moved on to having all parts of our network ready for full 5G.

Improving the size and speed of networks is an integral part of everyday life. 5G technology has much more bandwidth and faster speeds than earlier versions. With our upgraded network, Vodafone Fiji is trying to provide super-fast data transfers, allowing seamless streaming, quick downloads, and a better user experience.

Vodafone Fiji knows that 5G has a huge promise to unlock the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and make a lot of smart solutions possible. Our network infrastructure is ready to support IoT applications, so companies and people can take full advantage of this game-changing technology.

Over the years, Vodafone Fiji is said to have worked closely with top technology companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Oracle Cloud Platform, as well as with industry partners and government agencies, to prepare for next-generation networks.

Our relationships have helped us find solutions to technical problems, improve network performance, and encourage new ideas in Fiji’s digital landscape.



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