Samoa Ready to Host Digital Pacific Conference

The Samoan government has vowed to promote connectivity in the region and partnership in technologies. This is in a move to exploit on investment in infrastructure. Most people believe it is easier to bring more digital age into the public sector. This will help in attaining the vision: “competent and professional public administration that offers transparent, efficient and quality services to and for its people.”

Moreover, the government noticed the seriousness of maximizing the opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the rise in connectivity. All this will help to foster an economy that relies on digital. It will also help the country’s private sector to move to modern technologies. These are a form of technologies that develop on the available strength. Furthermore, they offer employment and allow the business to be more competitive. The Samoan government has collaborated with UNDP to host the Pacific Digital Future: Samoa 2018. The event will major on how Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved. The achievement is to be made through digital transformation across the region.

The event will assemble practitioners, development thinkers youth representatives. It will also bring together civil society organizations, representatives of public and private sectors. They will focus on learning about the global background in digital transformation. Moreover, they will work out ways through which the region together with its small island upcoming nations can benefit. Additionally, they will source for common development goals that can be worked on to maximize the 4th Industrial Revolution opportunities.

The event will be part of the program that works on and examines the local talk to the country level coming up with rigid follow-up activities on the agenda named actionable digital transformation. The Samoan government is working on three main objectives while organizing the conference. The three objectives are. One is to be able to share the learned lessons with its decision makers, come up with a shared vision on digitization. Moreover, it should come up with areas of priority which the state can channel its implementation efforts. Thereafter the event should be able to come up with a process of technological. It should also source for cultural and organizational changes which will prepare the country for a digital era.

The second goal is to come up with the best atmosphere for the strong partnership on digital technologies in the Pacific region. This will be with a target to maximize on the growth in connectivity. It will also be a chance for coming up with a digital economy in the region

The third agenda is to source for important partners and financing ways for the e-Government reform in the country and the region as a whole. This will help in speeding up progress in commercial services and digitizing public. It can be achieved through capacity development, relevant legislation, and institutional design. The event should help in getting the basis of digital transformation agenda.

It should also come up with a concrete basis for the resourcing and design of a plan of action for the country. Furthermore, they should come up with first ideas for regional partnership which delegates can take to the required regional organizations to handle it at the leadership level. The conference will come earlier enough before the meeting for the regional leaders. The leaders meeting will take place in Tonga. It will review the progress of the SAMOA Pathway that includes specific priorities on multi-stakeholder collaboration and adoption of technology and inter-alia, for the Pacific development. The digital age conference will take place in Apia Samoa on 7th and 8th June 2018. This will then be followed by Digital Samoa 2018 that will have a high leveled workshop at the same venue on 11th and 12th June.

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