The World’s First Floating Nation to be Developed in the Pacific Ocean

The World's floating country

Plans are underway to have the world’s first floating country. The country is to be launched in the Pacific Ocean in 2022.  The nation will also work out of the government’s regulations. It will work through its personal Vayron cryptocurrency. The country will have in it a city-state surrounded by 300 homes. Furthermore it will be surrounded by restaurants, offices, hotels among other buildings. All this will be centrally built in the Pacific Ocean off the Tahiti Island.

The piloting of the project is the idea of Peter Thiel, PayPal founder in partnership with Polynesian government. Its piloting program will cost $50 million. It will be under championship of investors, academics, and philanthropists. Floating Island Project’s researcher and political analyst Nathalie Mezza-Garcia said that the residents of the Island would remove the geographical influences. They will also remove issues of trade. He added that the nation could in future house refugees displaced by changes in climate.

Warwick University’s researcher, Ms. Mezza-Garcia, said that there is a reason as to why the project is being piloted at the Polynesian Island. He added that the region has land situated on top of coral and will fade away with the rise in sea level. The piloting will give a proof of concept to plan for islands to offer homes for climate refugees. The project is operating under the theme developing nonprofit Seasteading Institute and Blue Froniters. This will work through the partnership of investment fund of Thiel. It will use philanthropic donations through tokens of their personal Vayron cryptocurrency.

The structures of the island will comprise of green roofs. The roofs will be covered with vegetation. Moreover, construction will involve the use of local wood, bamboo, coconut fibre and recycled plastic and metal. According to Seasteading Institute, the nation operating under its own set of laws will help it to liberate humanity away from politicians.

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